Thank you for your concern about the recent severe weather, especially the flooding of last week. We experienced flooding along the small creek that runs through the ranch (Scatter Creek), but this flooding only affected the meadow lands along the creek. In the winter time we do not graze these meadows, the cattle are all out on the prairie ground. However, it was the highest flood water I have ever seen on Scatter Creek. Our only concern is the possible damage to the grasses in the meadows. These native grasses can take wet feet, but prolonged flooding could kill some of this grass. We will have to wait until spring to see what extent of damage we may have.

Scatter Creek normally floods each year, sometimes several times during the winter. This is not a major issue, we just manage around these flood events-we get out of the way.
It has been very mild this week, I can almost feel spring coming on. If this continues the grasses will wake up and start growing. I shouldn’t get too optimistic as I am sure we will have some more winter weather, but the cattle sure enjoy the mild and dry conditions.

Beef Orders
We are now taking orders for our grass fed beef. These will be ready beginning in May, but it is best to get your order in now. We sell by the whole, half or quarter. If you would like to place an order, please let me know and I will email you our order form that you can print out and return with your deposit.

Pricing: We will stay with our price of $2.90/lb, which includes butchering, but does not include cutting and wrapping.

Fred Colvin
Jan. 14, 2009

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