Hot and Dry

July 22, 2009 – We have started to go to two farmers market this summer: the Tumwater Farmers Market and the Steilacoom Farmers Market. Both of the markets are on Wednesday, Tumwater 11 Am- 2PM and Steilacoom 3PM-7PM. Needless to say, this is a very long day for us, but it is very worthwhile and fulfilling. We have met so many great folks who are truly interested in our cattle operation. Also, many of you signed up to receive Cattle Tales when you met us at the markets.

We are using the farmers markets as a way of getting the word out about the Colvin Ranch and the availability of our grass fed and grass finished beef. The farmers markets are the best way for us to connect with folks who are looking to buy local, and buy quality. If you have a chance to be at either of the markets, please stop by and say “hello”.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

It has been a much dryer and hotter summer than we think of as normal. We still have green grass in the meadows where the market cattle are grazing now. They are doing a good job of maintaining their weight and finish that they put on earlier this summer. I have been pleased with the beef that have been butchered this summer. I believe that our wintering program (high quality grass and alfalfa hay) and our spring pasture grasses are the right combination to produce high quality grass fed and finished beef.

We are about to the end of our breeding season. In another week, we will take the bulls away from the cow herds, and put the bulls in a separate field. Then the two cow herds with their calves will be joined together. It is much easier to manage the cows when they are all together. We only leave the bulls with the cows for about 45 days, so the calves are all born in a relatively short period of time next spring, and the calves will be uniform in size and age.

Please let us know if you would like to reserve a half or quarter beef for this summer, it is best to get on the list before we are sold out. Just send us an email.

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