Colvin Ranch video

Visit one of the biggest and oldest farms in Thurston County: Colvin Ranch. Settled more than 150 years ago in Tenino, Washington, the ranch is about 550 acres in size, and most of that is pastured grassland.

The August, 2009 Farm to Market video produced by Thurston County Connection includes several minutes with Fred Colvin of the Colvin Ranch, in which he describes the history and operation of the ranch.

Scatter Creek goes through the entire ranch. Fred demonstrates how nose pumps bring water to cattle, keeping them from going into the creek to drink. Pastures have been improved with fencing and water tanks, allowing closely controlled timing of grazing as cattle are moved from pasture to pasture.

Blue Camas

Blue Camas

Through the Grassland Reserve Program, Colvin Ranch works to enhance native plant communities through careful grazing. Instead of burning the prairie to remove excess grass, grazing animals remove the grass, allowing blue camas to thrive.

Colvin Ranch offers grass fed and grass finished beef directly to consumers. Call us at (360) 264-2890 or email for more information.

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