Winter Feeding

I always enjoy feeding our cattle in the winter. Even though the weather can be miserable at times, it is good to get outside; the air is cool, clear and invigorating. Even the cold snap we had in December- it got down to 6 degrees- was enjoyable. The cattle will do just fine in this cold weather if it is dry and calm. We had our challenges such as having to break ice in the water troughs and keeping the tractor running. But all in all, we got through the cold snap just fine.

With feeding everyday, the cattle become real friendly; they even allow me to scratch them behind their ears. We can closely monitor them for any problems. Fortunately, they came through the winter in good condition.

The only thing I like better than feeding is…not feeding anymore in the spring. I have had enough. It is time to move on. The last few weeks were real spring like weather. It was very mild and not too wet. The grass started to green up, but is not yet growing much. Yes spring is in the air, at least until this week. This cold weather will slow down the grass growth, and I will need to revise our feeding plans. I had originally planned to stop feeding about March 15th, now I think I will need to go an additional week or so. Such is life…

I will be sending out an email with an order form attached for those that wish to reserve a quarter or half a beef for this spring or summer. Also, we will have some pork available in May. I will send out more information about ordering later this week.

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