Calving Season

Friends- While I am happy to see the first calf of the year born, I think I am just as happy to see the last. This years calving began on Mar. 14th, and ended on May 3. This is almost ideal in that we want to have all the calves born in a relatively short time. All the cows were able to have their babies without assistance which takes a lot of pressure off of me. However, we did lose one calf- it was born in that cold, west nasty period we had in April and died the next day. I think we were fortunate that we only had that one problem.
Almost as soon as we are done calving this year we start planning for next year. Each year we designate a few 1 year old heifers as replacements for the older cows. We evaluate the heifers, choosing ones that are not too small, or too large. We also look at here dam (mother) to help us choose which ones we will keep. The final step in choosing replacements is to measure their pelvic area to make sure that they can have a calf unassisted. This whole process helps us over time improve the cow herd. Now we get ready to breed the cows and replacements heifers. On about June 15, we will separate the cows into two herds. We have 4 bulls (2 black Angus, and 2 red Angus) that we use. We put 2 specific bulls with each herd of cows as another way of working to improve the cow herd. The bulls will stay with the cow herd for 45 days, and in that way we will again have a short calving season next year.

Beef availability- we are now taking orders for halves or quarters for our next harvest scheduled for June 18. If you would like to order, I can email you an order form.
Beef by the Box- we have our popular Beef by the Box available now. Just email or call if you would like to get a box.
Pork for you Fork- we have a half available for June 18th- let me know if you are interested.

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