Pocket gophers and the ESA

June 5, 2014

Pocket Gophers & the ESA Recently the US Fish and Wildlife Service has listed as threatened the Mazama pocket gopher. This little guy spends most of his time underground, burrowing tunnels looking for food, which is mostly roots and other vegetation. They will push up dirt to the surface, and it […]

Not What Was Expected

Those of us in agriculture are subject to the whims of nature, and that is especially true for Colvin Ranch. Our most limiting resource is moisture (for grass growth), and since we do not have irrigation, we are dependent on rain. I am programmed for the summer to be relatively dry with little new grass […]

Good News

Friends, we are fortunate that one of our friends is Shannon Larson, who is a Certified Nutritional Therapist. Shannon has agreed to contribute to this newsletter about some of the health benefits of eating grass fed beef. Shannon is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable on nutritional issues, and best of all; she provides a common sense […]

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, literally everything we ate was free range and fully grass fed. Grass is the natural diet for cattle. The unnatural diet of the feedlot is not healthy for the animal which should make it an easy choice to eat only healthy, all-natural, grass fed beef. The health of the animal is […]

Calving Season

Friends- While I am happy to see the first calf of the year born, I think I am just as happy to see the last. This years calving began on Mar. 14th, and ended on May 3. This is almost ideal in that we want to have all the calves born in a relatively short […]

Winter Feeding

I always enjoy feeding our cattle in the winter. Even though the weather can be miserable at times, it is good to get outside; the air is cool, clear and invigorating. Even the cold snap we had in December- it got down to 6 degrees- was enjoyable. The cattle will do just fine in this […]

Colvin Ranch video

Visit one of the biggest and oldest farms in Thurston County: Colvin Ranch. Settled more than 150 years ago in Tenino, Washington, the ranch is about 550 acres in size, and most of that is pastured grassland.

The August, 2009 Farm to Market video produced by Thurston County Connection includes several minutes with Fred Colvin […]

Is she… or isn’t she?

Cattle Tales

I always look forward to the end of summer and the beginning of fall because of the nice green pastures that come with the fall rains. This year is no exception, I just wish we had more rain, and earlier then we did this year. Fall is also a very busy time as […]

Beef by the Box

Beef by the Box…

We are now offering our local, all natural beef…by the Box. If you have limited freezer space, this box of meat will fit your needs. Each box will have about 20 pounds of packaged beef from the Colvin Ranch. There will be about a third ground meat and stew meat, a […]

Hot and Dry

July 22, 2009 – We have started to go to two farmers market this summer: the Tumwater Farmers Market and the Steilacoom Farmers Market. Both of the markets are on Wednesday, Tumwater 11 Am- 2PM and Steilacoom 3PM-7PM. Needless to say, this is a very long day for us, but it is very worthwhile and […]